Video Released Of North Korean Defector’s Violent Escape

first published on November 22, 2017 by

CCTV footage was released on Wednesday, showing the defection of a North Korean soldier as he was shot at least five times during his escape to South Korea.

The video begins as the defector races toward the border in a light military transportation vehicle. He blows through various checkpoints before he crashes the vehicle and sets out on foot.

As he exits the vehicle, his peers open fire on him at very close range, hitting him, but he continues across the border. North Korean troops fire across the border and even physically enter South Korea in pursuit of him, violating the armistice agreement that ended the 1950-1953 Korean War.

At the end of the video, he lies wounded and motionless as purported South Korean troops low crawl up to him before quickly dragging him to cover. The use of thermal footage in the official video may have been used to show the advance of South Korean troops through the tree’s canopy or possibly to obscure the involvement of US troops in the recovery of the defector.


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