American Contractor Evacuated From Iraq After Video Goes Viral

first published on February 6, 2017 by

A contractor was evacuated from Iraq after his video about the immigration suspension went viral. This is what he had to say on the way out.

After publishing a video to Facebook, that received well over 8 million views, an American contractor was evacuated from Iraq. The evacuation was allegedly because he was no longer safe on the ground, due to groups in country seeing the video, but realistically we can bet the contracting agency was burning down behind closed doors over the video. This is the video in question that went viral, causing the contractor to be removed from the Iraq.

This is the video that was released just two days ago by the same contractor. He was evacuated on an emergency flight, by himself, after the video reached somewhere around 8 million views. The social media policy of contracting agencies in Iraq is very strict, and I have a feeling that those policies may be the primary cause of his removal. Make sure you follow him on YouTube, and if you find him on Facebook give him a follow there as well, because he ends the video by saying “You ain’t heard the last of me.”


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