Video From Dead ISIS Fighter In Mosul: Killing Fleeing Civilians And Laughing

first published on July 11, 2017 by

Cell phone video footage recovered from a dead ISIS fighter in Mosul, documents the pathetic life form as he targets Iraqi civilians as they flee from the fighting. He can be heard speaking in Turkish as he jokes and laughs about the unarmed noncombatant he just shot as well as laughing about the victim’s family’s response and their attempts to drag the body behind cover.

dead isis fighter

In many of the great wars of the past, the perception of who is “good and bad” is arguable and often varies on what side your nation state supported. However, in this battle for the Middle East, these jihadists, not just ISIS, are sick individuals and are clearly the “bad guys.”

The problem is that many of these civilians that are currently being targeted by the Islamic State for fun, were supporting them right up until the bombs and fighting hit their doorsteps. Now that they are “liberated” they will curse ISIS as dogs and not true Muslims.

This fight won’t end. The divisions between the Sunni and Shias are too great, and the people too narrow-minded to accept one another as brothers. If you’ve ever been to Iraq, you know that human life is worth very little to these people, compared to the West. While they may inherently suck as warriors, casual violence and hatred is deeply bred into these people. Do you think the people in the Sunni triangle are going to continue to stay pacified by the Shia government in Baghdad for much longer?

The Iraqi government just declared “victory” in Mosul… but for how long? We can call it a win, but soon we will have to think up a new name for the new operation to fight the new terror group that rises out of the ashes of ISIS. Buy stock in the defense industry, if you haven’t already.

WARNING: The following video shows civilians being shot and killed by terrorists.