3 US Veterans, Including 2 SEALs, Arrested In Haiti While “Heavily Armed”

first published on February 20, 2019 by

Five Americans were arrested at a police checkpoint in Port-au-Prince, Haiti when it was discovered that they were in possession of several illegal firearms.


Eight “heavily armed” men were taken into custody, five of which were Americans. Of those five, two are ex-SEALs, one a former Marine, and another once worked as a federal contractor for the US government. Two Serbians and one Haitian were also arrested.

The men were riding in two vehicles without license plates and attempted to pass through a police checkpoint. Upon further search, it was discovered that the men were in possession of six AR-type rifles, six handguns, three satellite phones, and two aerial surveillance drones.

The men claimed to be on a “government mission,” and further investigation by the police found a letter from a local car dealership to the prime minister showing that one of the vehicles was purchased by a former government official for a top adviser of Haiti’s embattled President Jovenel Moise. The advisor has since fled the country.

Protests consisting of looting and rioting in the streets of Haiti are ongoing as citizens are attempting to force President Jovenel Moise to step-down amid accusations of economic mismanagement and corruption.

One would assume that the men were contracted as executive security for the palace officials, but police are still investigating the true nature of the detainees’ mission in Haiti.


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