Veteran Fatally Shoots Robber After Getting Pistol Whipped

first published on December 24, 2019 by

An Air Force veteran working as a store clerk fatally shot an armed robber after being pistol whipped on Dec. 22, 2019 in California’s Bay Area.

pistol whipped

On the security cam footage, Mark Kasprowicz can be seen counting money from the cash register when a pair of men enter the store. One of them goes behind the counter and points a semi automatic handgun at Kasprowicz.

Kasprowicz is pistol whipped at least twice while the thug steals cash. Suddenly, the clerk goes for a pistol hidden in a drawer. A wrestling match breaks out as Kasprowicz grabs his gun. At that point, the robber’s gun goes off, but no one is hit by the shot.

The criminal then tries to put distance between himself and the now-armed veteran. Kasprowicz fires a quick shot at the criminal, and unknown to him at the time, lands a fatal shot into the worthless human’s vitals.

The would-be robbers can be seen running out the door, but the wounded criminal dies seconds later in the parking lot. Kasprowicz was taken to the hospital where he received 12 staples in his scalp from the wounds sustained during the attack.

Authorities say Kasprowicz acted in self defense. The second robber has not yet been identified.