Attack Helicopters Destroy 700 Vehicles and Kill 250 Islamic State Fighters

first published on December 5, 2017 by

700 Islamic State vehicles and 250 Islamic State fighters were killed in a series of strikes outside of Fallujah conducted by the Iraqi Aviation Unit. The strike was conducted on November 29th, 2017 and was misreported by a number of agencies to be an airstrike conducted by the United States after a series of tweets were released from high ranking officials in the Iraqi Army.

vehicles 1

After several agencies took to the internet to credit the United States for the attack runs, retired Brigadier General from the Iraqi Arm Ismael Alsodani tweeted out a correction stating that it was in fact the Iraqi Aviation unit that conducted the strikes, and they did so after being denied authorization from the United States. Another correction was then released stating that there was no way that this could have been the Americans, as the helicopters used were Russian Mi-35m attack helicopters purchased by the Iraqi Army from Russia.

The video below shows the series of attack runs as they were conducted, and is followed by a battle damage assessment (BDA) taken on the ground. The BDA shows the destruction of what appears to be civilian vehicles that are loaded down with heavy weapons, ammunition, and dead Islamic State fighters who are armed.