ISIS Suicide Vehicle Stopped Dead In Its Tracks By Kurds

first published on September 28, 2016 by

A suicide vehicle fails to make it to its destination when it meets the Kurdish opposition. What a way to waste your life.

An idiot suicide bomber tries to attack a Kurdish position on the front lines of Kirkuk. His Mad Max armor is no match for the Kurds, and he ends up getting wasted long before he gets to his target. In an effort to salvage the mission, his buddies remotely detonate the vehicle while hiding somewhere far away from the fighting.

What an idiotic way to waste your life. Only a Jihadi would wake up one morning and decide to do this. Only a Jihadi would drive a truck full of bombs directly towards his enemy. Only a Jihadi would spend his life to make a gigantic crater in the desert with absolutely no impact on the battle.


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