Vegas Cop Shoots Through Windshield During High Speed Chase

first published on July 18, 2018 by

Body worn camera footage from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police shows an insanely intense high speed chase in which officers trade gunfire with the suspects.

Police were investigating a deadly shooting that occurred two hours prior to the chase when they see the suspects driving in a stolen black SUV. As an officer tries to pull over the vehicle, the suspects attempt to flee by driving fast and recklessly.

Suddenly, the suspects begin firing at the pursuing officers’ vehicles, and a high speed gun battle breaks out. As the officer nears the rear of the suspect vehicle, he fires multiple rounds into it. He pulls up along the passenger side and fires more.

The suspect vehicle slows and then veers into a building. The officer dismounts his patrol car and fires several more shots into the driver side of the vehicle. One of the suspects is hit critically and later dies. The other suspect flees the scene on foot, but is later arrested and charged with multiple crimes including the murder that occurred earlier in the day.

Police say that the responding officers fired 31 rounds and the suspects fired 34.


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