VBIED Engine Block Turns Into Extremely Deadly Flying Object

first published on June 21, 2017 by

An ISIS VBIED detonates sending fragmentation in all directions. The biggest piece however is the engine block, which decimates fleeing troops.

In war, we often have no idea why things happens. It’s the chaos of any given situation that makes war so unpredictable and terrifying. In this instance, we see an SVBIED manage to take out a dozen or more Iraqi troops with nothing more than dumb luck.

As the bomber detonates his vehicle, fragmentation can be seen flying in every direction. Pay close attention to the front of the vehicle upon detonation though, and you’ll see that its engine block acts some how like a gigantic claymore mine. The engine block of the vehicle is propelled forward, and directly into a group of troops who are trying to escape the blast radius.


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