USA and Russia Team Up Against Turkey in Manbij, Syria

first published on March 8, 2017 by

In an unforeseen move, the US and Russia have now, at least temporarily, joined forces to stop the Turkish military and their jihadist proxy militias from attempting to take the city of Manbij and surrounding areas, which would seriously impede the retaking of Raqqa from the Islamic State in Syria.


The US has moved in at least 500 special operations combat troops, including US Army Rangers, and has allowed Russian and Syrian troops through Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Force’s (SDF) lines to set up blocking positions to keep Turkey from engaging SDF, who Turkey has deemed “terrorists” due to their close relationship with the Kurdish PKK separatist groups in Turkey. Yet, Turkey has no problems bolstering their ranks with Salafist, head-chopping FSA-type psychopaths.

Turkey has repeatedly promised that they will do everything in their power to deny a unified swath of Kurdish-held land known as Rojava. The top players: Russia, Turkey, Syria, and the US-led Western Coalition are all converging at this moment on Manbij, making it an incredibly unstable powder keg, and the risks of violent international incidents are at their highest since the beginning of the Syrian conflict.

Turkey is a US ally and also a NATO member. Russia and Turkey have recently developed an allied relationship status. The US and Russia have been on their worst terms since the height of the Cold War, yet they both know the importance of clearing ISIS from Raqqa in the timeliest manner possible, and have put their differences aside, if only in Manbij, and if only temporarily, to defeat a common enemy. In order to do that, they have to keep Turkey from disrupting the hard-fought stabilization achieved in Manbij.


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