US Spec Ops Troops Almost Killed In Syrian Airstrikes Against Kurds

first published on August 20, 2016 by

The Syrian government has waged war against YPG forces, and US Spec Ops troops were in the vicinity of the resulting Su-24 airstrikes around the city of Hasakah on Thursday. No US troops were hit during the strikes, but some of their YPG allies, who they are working closely with, were among the casualties.

Initially, the US contacted the Russians warning them to to stay away, but the Russians assured the Americans that they had no fighter jets in the area, and that is was the Syrian Air Force that dropped the bombs. US officials threatened that they would shoot down Syrian aircraft if any more airstrikes took place where US and other Western coalition forces were operating.

Yesterday, Syrian Su-24 aircraft again entered the same airspace with the probable intention of dropping more munitions. However, this time they were intercepted by US F-22 aircraft, and wisely and promptly exited the area without dropping any bombs.

Last year, Kurdish YPG drove ISIS forces out of Hasakah as Syrian Army troops held blocking positions on one side of the town. The two entities didn’t fire on each other, but were in no way working together. That fragile tolerance of each other was shattered this last week, and there has been heavy ground fighting between the Kurds and pro-Syrian government forces. The Syrian government is just as opposed to Kurdish independence as the Turks, and will do whatever they can to keep them from achieving a sovereign state. Meanwhile the YPG/SDF reaffirmed their loyalty to no entity but the US-led coalition.

The following video reportedly shows aftermath of some of the Syrian airstrikes in Hasakah: