US Navy SEALs and Israeli Shayetet 13 Conduct Joint Operation

first published on April 13, 2017 by

US Navy SEALs and elite naval commandos of the IDF’s Shayetet 13 conduct a joint training operation to increase interoperability and unit readiness.

Shayetet 13 is an extremely experienced and elite special forces unit of the Israeli Defense Forces whose roles and abilities can be compared to the of the US Navy SEALs or the British Special Boat Service.

The roles of Shayetet 13 include sea-to-land incursions, counter-terrorism, sabotage, maritime intelligence gathering, maritime hostage rescue, and boarding. The unit has seen action in nearly every one of Israel’s conflicts since their inception in 1949. Yet, most of the missions the elite troops carry out are highly classified and information regarding such operations will never be released to the public.