US Army Rangers Deployed To Turkey Border To Defend Kurds

first published on April 29, 2017 by

US Army Rangers rolling in advanced armored Stryker infantry fighting vehicles have pushed north in Syria to the border with Turkey as a deterrent to the ongoing clashes between the Kurdish YPG/YPJ forces of the Western-backed SDF and the Turkish military with their jihadist proxy militias.

us army rangers

The Ranger’s show of force follows a series of Turkish airstrikes that killed several US-backed Kurdish fighters on several fronts in Syria as well as airstrikes on Peshmerga fighters in Sinjar, Iraq. Yes, you read that right, the Turks bombed Sinjar, the scene of the recent attempted ISIS genocide of the Yazidi people in which thousands were murdered or sold into slavery.

Coincidentally(?), the Turkish airstrikes came only a day after Al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri called for a unification of jihadist forces in Syria against their enemies.

The Kurds responded by destroying multiple Turkish combat vehicles and military assets. Needless to say, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces were outraged with the US coalition, as there is no way the Turkish warplanes could have entered the airspace without first receiving clearance from the Americans.

Kurdish SDF fighters are dying everyday as the main force in the battle to take Raqqa from ISIS. Raqqa is an Arab city, not Kurdish, and the Kurds in no way want to incorporate the town into their autonomous, internationally unrecognized nation of Rojava. They have no use for it. Simply put, the Kurds are sacrificing considerably for the West’s Operation Inherent Resolve, but find themselves being backstabbed by the US yet again. The Kurdish forces gave the US the ultimatum to protect them or they will abandon the fight for Raqqa. The result is this deployment of US Army Rangers to the Turkish border to quell the fighting.


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