US Army Ranger Catches Fourth Purple Heart In Vietnam

first published on October 21, 2015 by

A CBS News crew embedded with US Light Infantrymen in Vietnam films an intense, but short gun fight.

Humid, dense, sticky, and long patrols through the jungles of Vietnam… these must have been some of the roughest infantry operations to ever exist. US Army soldiers, often not volunteers, trudged through this terrain daily in search of NVA soldiers. In addition to some of the first I.E.D.s ever used in combat, they also had to deal with deadly jungle traps, and incredibly close ambushes.

With all of that nasty stuff going on, they still had to fight a war the general public did not support at all. My hat’s off and my heart’s out for these warriors. Regardless of what the hippies said, you boys are true American Heroes. Welcome Home.

Sergeant Kregg “Hero” Jorgenson was an absolute beast of a man. After this video was shot, he returned to combat with his unit. In total, he survived 54 combat patrols through the jungles of Vietnam as the point man for Alpha troop 1/9 over the course of 10 months. After his time in the war, he returned home and graduated from the University of Maryland. After that, he became a police officer in the Pacific Northwest and a published author.

In total Kregg Jorgenson has written four books. I have yet to read them at the time of this posting, however, I intend to buy all four and review them on our forums.