US Air Force E-11A Jet Crashes In Afghanistan, No Survivors Reported

first published on January 27, 2020 by

The US military confirmed that a US Air Force jet has crashed in the mountainous province of Ghazni in eastern Afghanistan, and it’s unlikely there will be any survivors.

US Air Force

A FOX News article cited a military official that claimed there were less than five crew members and passengers aboard the aircraft.

The downed aircraft is an E-11A communications aircraft. The jet plays a crucial role in interpreting and relaying data between various aircraft and ground units.

The Taliban took credit for the crash, claiming to have shot it down, and also claimed to have killed high-ranking CIA officers that were aboard the aircraft. CENTCOM denies the plane was shot down, but hasn’t given a reason for the incident. The confirmation of deaths and identities of those aboard have not been released.

Some photos of the crash site make it appear that the pilot attempted to crash land the aircraft, as evidenced by slide marks in the snow.