Untrained Rebel Break-dancers Conduct Weird Corner Fire Attacks

first published on May 30, 2018 by

A group of clearly untrained rebels attack a Syrian Arab Army checkpoint near Daraa, Syria, in the earliest stages of the Syrian Civil War. They utilize a strange combination of techniques that they learned from watching the American film Breakin’ created in 1984, and the concealed weapons course they took on Instagram back in 2013, to fire around a corner at Syrian Arab Army positions in their vicinity. We are both concerned, and confused for the gunmen in this video.


In 2018, after almost a full decade of watching the Syrian Civil War unfold, it is hard to find anything that is surprising anymore. We have seen anti-tank guided missile systems used to replace sniper rifles. We have seen commercial drones modified to drop munitions on enemy positions. We have seen every vehicle from the Mad Max universe created and dragged into reality, and we have seen tank main guns replaced by AK-47s. So, when something like this pops up, all you can really do is shake your head and have a good laugh, because honestly there are literally zero rules to combat in the Syrian Civil War anymore. Anything goes, anything can happen, and when it does you just need to be ready to have a good laugh at it at this point.

It’s probably not a surprise to learn that members of the Free Syrian Army, and their extremist counter-parts have been doing a majority of their training by watching American gun videos on Instagram. Members of the Free Syrian Army probably see guys like Voda Tactical, or Arizona Antifa, and think that they are legitimate firearms instructors with years of combat experience. Video games are probably another large source of training for these dudes, and adapting techniques out of video games like Devil May Cry, or Metal Gear Solid, is probably not an unrealistic expectation for these dudes either. That’s why when this video hit our radar, we just snagged it up and decided to post it for the laughs.

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When you see this video, you’re gonna laugh. The idea that they have is a sound one right? Like, it totally makes sense that they are peaking from behind the corner in the prone position in an attempt to keep their silhouette as small as possible. They’re trying to make themselves hard targets, and on some level that’s a respectable thing to do for a group of guys fighting a trained military in their jeans with hoodies. Also worth noting is that this video comes from a fairly early stage in the Syrian Civil War before a lot of these dudes had a lot of combat experience under their belt. For a lot of the guys in this video, there is a strong chance that this is in fact their first firefight, so maybe this is an acceptable set of maneuvers.

On the other hand though, it’s very clear that these guys have absolutely no idea what they are doing. The weapon safety rules are completely out of the window on this one. Dudes are rolling around on their backs with loaded weapons, aiming their firearms at their entire squad-sized element of untrained fighters while their fingers are still on the trigger. Fratricide is destined to happen at this point, and there isn’t anything that they can do about it, and if their enemy actually spotted this stupidity happening, they would be intelligent to begin maneuvering on their enemy just to watch them break and surrender. Honestly though, who knows, maybe times have changed since this was recorded, and some of these guys are now skilled semi-professional soldiers who have learned to survive in a gun fight.


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