Unlucky Syrian Soldier Walks Directly Into Rebel TOW Strike

first published on September 1, 2017 by

An unlucky Syrian soldier walks directly into a group of soldiers who are about to be hit by a TOW missile. His bad luck gets him killed.

Everyone who has spent time on a battlefield knows that luck is a big part of your life. You leave the wire every single day wondering if your luck will hold true, or if this mission will be the one where your card is finally punched. This video is a great example of battlefield luck coming into play.

A TOW missile is fired at a group of Syrian soldiers walking. One group is clustered together, and a few other soldiers are off to the side walking as well. As the TOW missile is in flight, one of the soldiers off to the side can be seen walking over to the larger group, probably to get a cigarette or something stupid. The second he gets to them, the missile connects with the group and kills all of them.

Something as simple as bending over to pick something up can be the deciding factor between life and death in war. It’s a chaotic beast, and should never be taken lightly.


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