Deadly Mexican Firefight Video Shows Unlawful Execution Of Criminal

first published on June 7, 2017 by

A video recorded in Quecholac, Mexico on the night of 3 May 2017, shows a deadly firefight between suspected oil smugglers and the Mexican Army, which allegedly shows the unlawful execution of a detainee.

The video, composed of two security camera angles, shows the Mexican Army attempt to detain suspected smugglers before coming under an intense ambush by additional units of armed smugglers.

Apparently, the detained smuggler wasn’t searched, and during the confusion, he pulls a concealed pistol out and begins firing into a group of troops just meters from him. He hits one of the soldiers, killing him instantly.

unlawful execution

The soldiers stand their ground and repel the ambush with high volumes of intense small arms fire. At one point, a van with suspected smugglers rolls into the kill zone and is rocked by hundreds of rounds of rifle fire.

Incredibly, later on, the soldiers remove living humans from the significantly perforated vehicle.

At around 11:22 into the video, one of the detained vehicle occupants is allegedly executed by one of the Mexican soldiers. The muzzle flash of the weapon can be seen and the criminal jolts from the round, and then lays motionless for the remainder of the footage.

The event is reportedly being investigated due to the alleged unlawful execution of an unarmed, detained person by a member of the Mexican Army.


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