Captured Islamic State Footage Shows Battle at University of Mosul

first published on February 1, 2017 by

An excellent Sky News report gives an update on the battle for Mosul, which includes captured footage of ISIS militants fighting to hold the University of Mosul, their command center prior to it being destroyed by Iraqi Forces.

The report also documents civilian life returning to normal on the east side of the Tigris River as eastern Mosul has been fully secured by coalition forces. An Iraqi Special Forces commander suggests that the west side of the city will be much easier to take, considering it is smaller in size and much of the Islamic State command and control structure has been destroyed or captured and exploited.

However, after Mosul, IS in Iraq will have no where to go, except the vast, harsh desert to the West of town towards Tal Afar, so expect the doomed insurgent group to fight ferociously a la wounded, cornered animal, until they are wiped out.


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