Unexpected Explosion Eliminates Rebel Fighter

first published on December 31, 2015 by

A group of Rebel fighters are taking up a firing position in order to fire at Regime forces. An unexpected explosion foils their plans.

Rebel fighters are all set to use their technical to fire on a Regime position. As they are checking the corner to ensure they’ll have decent cover to fire from, the wall erupts in a huge explosion.

It appears that the fighter in the gray jacket is either dead right there, or will be soon. As the technical vehicle moves forward to escape, the gunner can be seen checking his stomach. Chances are that he caught a piece of that wall-turned-shrapnel directly in his gut.

If there is anything to take out of this piece of footage, it’s know where your enemy is, and what he can see. A little bit of battlefield awareness goes a long way, and it’s something we see these fighters habitually acting without.

Unexpected Explosions

It’s very easy to get tunnel vision in adrenaline driven circumstances. As human beings we naturally see everything through a tunnel when our blood is rushing. If these guys had pulled their heads out of the tunnel, even for a second, chances are they would have realized they were moving into their enemies line of sight.


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