Unedited Footage From The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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On December 7, 1941, the United States of America was attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service. This is some of the raw footage that was recorded on that day. It shows the only U.S. Naval vessel that was able to get underway, the USS Nevada (BB-36) getting hit with a torpedo as she attempts to get into the fight, and the moment that the USS Arizona was sunk by a Japanese torpedo. This was the reality of the attack on Pearl Harbor without any narration or dramatic sound effects added in for good measure.


From 01:32-01:46 in the video below, we can see the USS Nevada getting underway. During the attack on Pearl Harbor, she was the only ship that was able to get her propellers moving, and the ship itself in motion. While she was attempting to exit battleship row to get into the fight, she was struck by one torpedo and six bombs. This prompted her crew into action, and they were forced to beach the ship in order to keep it afloat.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the USS Nevada was recovered, repaired, and sent back into battle for the duration of World War 2. She provided fire support to troops on the ground in Southern France, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and Mainland Japan. At the conclusion of the conflict, the ship was deemed inadequate and too old to be integrated into the post-war naval fleet. She was decommissioned and then used in further testing of the atomic bomb.


The USS Arizona is the ship that can be seen exploding in the video after a Japanese torpedo strikes its powder magazine. She was sunk immediately following the explosion. Her loss is the largest singular loss of American life in the entire attack on Pearl Harbor. In the explosion, 1,177 of the 1,512 crewmen were killed. Although some parts were salvaged from the ship to be reused after the fact, she still lies where she sank in Pearl Harbor.

Even though the ship was sunk, her crew was still recognized for bravery while under attack from Japanese forces. Lieutenant Commander Samuel G. Fuqua, the ship’s damage control officer, was presented the Medal of Honor for his actions combating fires aboard the ship, while simultaneously evacuating sailors from the ship. Two other Medals of Honor were presented to members of the ship’s crew posthumously. Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, the first flag officer killed in the Pacific war, and Captain Franklin Van Valkenburgh, who was killed in the line of duty as he reached the bridge of his ship while trying to mount a defense.

USS Arizona Sinking

The men we lost on that day will never be forgotten. If you visit the memorial today while on the island of Oahu, you can still feel the sadness in the air while you look down on the sunken hull of the USS Arizona. She is still bleeding oil today as she sits at the bottom of what was once Battleship Row. In total, 2,403 Americans died and 1,178 were wounded. Eighteen ships were sunk or run aground, including five battleships. All of the Americans killed or wounded during the attack were considered non-combatants, because there was no state of war when the attack occurred.

May they rest in peace.


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