Ukrainians Destroy Russian Proxy BMP (2018 Drone Footage)

first published on May 20, 2018 by

A fresh video out of Ukraine reportedly shows a Russian proxy BMP fighting vehicle destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

The destruction took place at a separatist fighting position approximately three kilometers south of the town of Dokuchajevs’k, well inside separatist occupied territory.

Details of what weapon system targeted the light armored fighting vehicle are not forthcoming. The video begins as a fiery explosion emits from the vehicle, however, it’s not possible to tell if that was the initial strike or a secondary “cook off” explosion.

The video continues as smoke and fire plumes from the vehicle as the fuel and internally stored munitions detonate. From the video we can see the the vehicle was situated directly in front of an intricate trench system.

Recently, the US State Department officially gave the green light to sell 200 Javelin FGM-148 man portable, infrared-guided, fire and forget anti tank missiles along with an estimated 40 command launch units (CLU), with a price tag of almost $47 million missiles to the Ukrainian military. Could this targeted attack be the fruition of that deal?

It’s possible, however, it is more probable that the proxy BMP was targeted and destroyed by a domestically developed “Korsar” or a Russian-made Fagot or Kornet anti tank wire guided missile (ATGM). The use of ATGMs in this situation would be more likely to get approved at lower levels of command without the significant red tape of using the newly delivered high profile American weaponry.


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