Ukrainians Destroy Enemy Command Center Using Drone To Adjust Artillery

first published on March 27, 2019 by

A reportedly recent video out of Luhansk shows Ukrainian troops using a drone to adjust artillery or mortar fire with great accuracy onto a Russian proxy command structure.

adjust artillery

According to the source, Ukrainian troops of the 54th Brigade used the aerial asset to observe the abandoned village that was being used as an enemy base. Based on their observations of enemy activity, they were able to decide which building was being used as the command center and when the most troops would be present.

The Ukrainians bracket their rounds with left and right corrections until they’ve put the weapon system on target. They begin their fire for effect and several structures are hit. Multiple rounds impact the designated command center.

The source claims six pro Russia militants were killed and another four wounded in the fire mission. Those figures couldn’t be verified, but an ambulatory team can be seen carrying wounded on stretchers during the footage.


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