Ukrainian SWAT Drops #1 Georgian Terrorist In Close Quarters Shoot Out

first published on October 7, 2019 by

The Kiev National Police released a video of a close quarters shoot out that resulted in the death of a wanted Georgian terrorist and two Ukrainian policemen being wounded.


The raid took place in the village of Khotyanovka of the Kiev Region. The Ukrainian policemen were attempting to kill or capture Shota Chichiashvili, the “No.1 terrorist” from Georgia.

Chichiashvili was a former Georgian special forces officer who was discharged from service for bad conduct. He then started a gun running and kidnapping organization, targeting international figures for ransom payments.

The video shows multiple angles of the raid. The SWAT operators pry at the door of a dwelling to gain access, but as soon as they pop it open, the target criminal comes bursting out shooting and strikes two of the policemen at close range.

He then makes a run for it, but is wounded by several firing officers. He continues to shoot until he expires.


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