Ukrainian Special Operations: “Everyday We Become Stronger”

first published on August 5, 2018 by

A Military Channel produced motivational video that showcases the skills and special tasks of the Ukrainian Special Operations Community as they train.


In Europe, there is a forgotten war still raging. Members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are in a deadlocked struggle with Russian separatists who have dug themselves in tight. This on-going conflict has resorted back to trench fighting, and barely moving lines of conflict as the international community sits idly by ignoring the situation as it stands.

In the middle of this conflict are members of the Ukrainian Special Operations community, and regular armed forces. While routine joint-training operations like Operation Noble Partner are still occurring on a month-to-month, and week-to-week basis for the Ukrainian Military, there are a lot of service members that are cutting their teeth for combat by fighting on these front-lines.

The motivational video below is cut together and produced by the MILITARY CHANNEL on YouTube, and it shows members of the Ukrainian Special Operations community as they conduct training exercises and showcase their extremely diverse skill sets. If you enjoy this type of video, make sure you head over to the MILITARY CHANNEL on YouTube by following this link, and hitting the subscribe button. The creator there is a long time friend of Funker530, and puts out some of the best military mashup videos on the internet.


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