Ukrainian Special Operations Forces In Action

first published on July 18, 2016 by

Motivational video shows Ukrainian Special Operations Forces conducting various battle drills and combat training during recent international military exercises.

operations forces

These international exercises on NATO’s eastern front are of a great magnitude, not seen since the Cold War. In addition to massive training events, NATO nations are now rotating combat units through new permanent bases along eastern Europe in preparation and deterrence of any more lightning-quick Russian land grabs.

Meanwhile, Russia is making their own moves, especially in Ukraine. Yesterday alone, exceptionally armed Russian-backed separatists launched 64 attacks on Ukrainian troops across multiple provinces in the eastern part of the country. The Minsk cease-fire agreement only exists in Western news media and on the lips of Western politicians, not wanting to acknowledge yet another black eye to failed foreign policy.

It is likely that the elite Ukrainian troops seen in this video are already back in the thick of the fighting, putting these freshly sharpened skills to great use.