Ukrainian SOF Highlights From Rapid Trident 2018

first published on September 24, 2018 by

The following video showcases Ukrainian SOF activities in Rapid Trident 2018, a multinational military exercise that took part in Ukraine during the first half of September.

rapid trident

Troops from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Turkey, the UK and the US all took part in Rapid Trident with the overall goal of developing seamless interoperability between Ukrainian forces and their partners in an attempt to bring more stability to the contested region.

Although exercises similar to Rapid Trident have taken place in Ukraine on an annual basis for the last 20 years, this specific one may be laying the groundwork for escalated international involvement in support of Ukraine against Russia’s proxy war in the east of the country.

As evidence of that claim, Britain’s Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson just committed additional troops (Royal Marines) to “keep Russia from reversing the Cold War outcome.” The Royal Marines will be tasked with training Ukrainian troops and helping to develop the structure of the Ukrainian Navy.


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