Ukrainian Separatist Gets Beret Blown Off

first published on January 1, 2016 by

A sniper takes a crack shot at a group of Ukrainian Separatists, blowing the beret right off of one of their heads.

While engaged in a firefight, Ukrainian Separatists are trying to locate a sniper. There’s a small lull in the fighting, and one of the fighters decides to take a peak out with his optic. Within seconds of his decision to spot the sniper, the sniper’s dope proves to be absolute.

Patience is absolutely key when you’re dealing with a sniper. When there is a lull in the fighting, to the point of where guys are taking smoke breaks, it’s generally going to be a better idea to re-position your unit, and attempt to spot the shooter. Leaning your face out into the open, where rounds have already been passing by, is never a good idea.

Beret Man Eats It

Beret-man here learned this lesson the hard way, and it was probably the last lesson he ever had the opportunity to learn. Judging by his knee jerk reaction, and the look on his face, his beret was not the only thing sent flying. Hopefully the guys around him learned from his mistake, and none of them lost their hats to this crack-shot sniper.