Ukrainian DShK Heavy MG Brutalizes Russian Proxy Fighting Position

first published on May 13, 2018 by

A video out of the Ukraine conflict shows what is reported to be a Russian proxy fighting position taking multiple direct hits from a DShK heavy machine gun.

Reportedly, the pro Russian separatists gave their position away when they fired some sort of field artillery type rocket or mortar systems toward the Ukrainian military front line.

The Ukrainian airborne troops quickly responded with extremely accurate DShK 1938 heavy machine gun fire. Many of the rounds make direct impact on the entrenched fighting position.

It is unclear from the video if any enemy troops were hit or how much equipment damage was incurred as a result of the sustained pounding.

The Russian proxy troops were likely in a well dug in trench, but the extremely powerful 12.7×108mm rounds fired from the Soviet-developed heavy weapon system can make short work of most defensive fortifications.

The DShK machine gun was developed in 1938 and has been fielded by nearly 100 different nations’ armies. The weapon system has been used in at least 50 different wars and armed conflicts across the globe.


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