Ukrainian Intelligence Officer Is Taken Out Mob Style With A Car Bomb

first published on June 28, 2017 by


The video shows the detonation of a car bomb that is being driven by Col Maxim Shapoval a Ukrainian intelligence officer. Shapoval is driving the vehicle in Kiev when it is detonated at approximately 0800 local time. The officer is killed, but miraculously two nearby pedestrians survive. The video clearly shows debris being hurled high into the air, and a large cloud of smoke. The attackers either placed the charge perfectly for the target, or more likely, the pedestrians are very lucky.

Interior Ministry spokesman Artem Shevchenko is calling it a “planned” terrorist attack, and is releasing very little information. Shapoval is reported to have recently returned from the eastern front, and that he was targeted for his professional service. As with past incidents, Russia has denied involvement. Though rare, this isn’t the first car bomb to detonate in Kiev since the fighting in Ukraine started.

This is another in a line of attacks reaching back to last year when a prominent Belarusian journalist was killed in similar fashion. Russian ex-MP Voronenkov was killed outside of his hotel in march. Both men were known to be critics of the Kremlin. As the world focuses on a showdown in Syria, Ukraine is continues to feel the effects of Russia’s looming presence.


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