Russian-backed Separatists Defend Against Ukrainian Army Assault

first published on September 18, 2017 by

Members of a Russian-backed Separatist group defend against a Ukrainian Army assault during an intense battle between trenches in Marinka, Ukraine.

We do not see footage from the Separatist side of the on-going conflict in Ukraine very often. In fact, it is so rare that this piece of footage took almost two years to surface before we were able to find it. The likelihood of any of the men in this video being alive today is very slim, so consider this a piece of history from a war that has largely gone unnoticed by the entire planet as we focus on conflicts involving the Islamic State.

This footage was recorded in 2015 during a battle between trenches in Marinka, Ukraine. Taken from a Russian-backed Separatist position, it shows the Separatists attempting to repel a Ukrainian Army attack. This video was recorded June 16, 2015, and was in violation of an on-going ceasefire between the Separatists and Ukrainian government.


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