Fighting For Freedom – The Army Of Ukraine’s Motivational Video

first published on July 12, 2017 by

A motivational video of the Ukrainian Army both in combat, and in training. This video is sure to pump you up to finish your week strong.

The owner of this YouTube channel is a long time friend of Funker530. He regularly provides content for the motivational content of our webpage, and is an all around good guy. In the past he has assisted us in translating both Russian and Ukrainian content in order for us to properly put those videos into context for you. So naturally, when he finally produces a video about his own country, instead of the armed services of other countries, we’re going to show it to you.

Like it or not, the Ukraine has been in a territory conflict with Russia since 2014. While major media outlets are not concentrating on the situation, and Russia themselves have done a great job of blacklisting all of the footage coming out of the region, we continue to find and host that content to keep you informed. You can view footage coming out of the Ukraine here.


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