U.S. To Begin “Direct Action On The Ground” Against ISIS

first published on October 27, 2015 by

Defense Secretary Carter said today that the U.S. is escalating the fight against ISIS to include “direct action on the ground” in both Iraq and Syria.

It looks like the Pentagon may actually be attempting to formulate some sort of strategy (or at least giving the appearance of such) against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Carter outlined the “Three R’s” of the plan.

The first ‘R’ being the city of “Raqqa,” the Islamic State’s capital in Syria. The Defense Secretary said that they would be openly supporting the “moderate” factions that are opposing ISIS and closing in on the Jihadist stronghold.

Carter then discussed “Ramadi,” the second ‘R.’ Apparently Ramadi will be the primary focus in Iraq before attempting to retake other cities from ISIS. He highlighted Iraqi Prime Minister, (a Shia Muslim) Haider al-Abadi’s willingness to work with Sunni tribesmen in Anbar province, which would then build the unity and confidence needed to purge the Islamic State from Iraq with further operations.


The third ‘R,’ is the most significant and ties back into the other two. “Raids,” or direct action operations, will be carried out by U.S. troops in support of “capable partners” i.e. Iraqi Security Forces, “moderate” Sunni rebels, and possibly various Kurdish groups. Obviously this announcement comes out just after the supposedly leaked footage of the “Delta Force” raid on the ISIS prison in Hawija. It’s a wonder if the leaked footage forced this decision to go public on something that has been happening all along, or if that raid was the successful initiator for the unveiling to the world.

Just remember, folks… this is all about ISIS, the big bad boogeyman in the black pajamas, and has nothing to do with a Russian-bolstered Assad not just clinging to power now, but instead, pushing back Western-backed militant groups in a multi-front campaign. As Russia is pulling its special forces troops from Ukraine and deploying them to Syria, please keep in mind, this is about ISIS.


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