U.S. Special Forces Engage Al-Shabaab In Somalia

first published on May 12, 2016 by

A Special Forces team, operating in Somalia, came into direct contact with Al-Shabaab militants today while conducting an operation with a partner force.

U.S. Special Forces, on an ‘advise and assist’ team, came into contact with Al=Shabaab militants west of Mogadishu Thursday when an advisory mission turned into a running gun battle that ended with five dead terrorists.

The Special Forces team, assisting Ugandan troops, ran into trouble after their partnered patrol came into contact with at least 20 Al-Shabaab fighters running an illegal checkpoint. When the Ugandans weren’t capable of suppressing the Al-Shabaab militants, the American Special Forces team launched an airstrike to assist.

Thinking that the fight was over, and the militants were either dead or had retreated from the battle due to a successful airstrike, the American team advanced to link up with the Ugandans.

While on the move to their partner force, they came under direct fire from the Shabaab militants. They immediately returned fire, and engaged the terrorist group in a running gun battle.

At the conclusion of the gunfight five terrorists were confirmed dead, and zero Americans were wounded.

Currently the United States maintains a contingent force of Special Operations team members in Somalia that serve the purpose of advising and assisting African forces in their fight against terrorism. They are not expected to serve in a combat role, but they are prepared in the event situations like this arise.


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