U.S. and Mexican Marines Integrate For Infantry Immersion Training

first published on July 21, 2018 by

U.S. and Mexican Marines work together in the Infantry Immersion Trainer during the Rim of the Pacific exercise while aboard Camp Pendleton, California. Rim of the Pacific, also known as RIMPAC, is a joint training exercise conducted with countries from around the world that allows the United States and her allies to come together and train. It gives all units involved the ability to share information and knowledge, while teaching them the valuable skills of working with partnered nations.

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The Infantry Immersion Trainer is a training center that exists on almost all large Marine Corps installations. This system allows Marines to fully immerse themselves in environments they may have to operate in units ranging from fire-team to platoon sized elements. A number of contractors work in these training centers full-time, and they assist the Marines in their training by role-playing as both aggressors and civilians, as well as by acting as controllers for the situations the Marines will be put in while they are inside of the training center.

During the most recent Rim of the Pacific operation, Mexican Marines with the Amphibious Marine Infantry Brigade work with Marines from 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment in order to complete the scenarios set in front of them. This forces both groups out of their comfort zones, as minimal language barriers exist and they are forced to operate with a partnered unit they are not familiar with tactically. As a result of this training, both units are able to grow tactically, and tactfully as they learn from one another to complete basic infantry-based missions that either unit could be tasked with while forward deployed in ground combat roles.

You can gain more information about the Infantry Immersion Trainer (IIT) by clicking on the following link that will lead you to another story that is specifically about the IIT.


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