U.S. Airstrikes Filmed from the Ground in Mosul

first published on April 27, 2016 by

ISIS-released footage documents Western coalition airstrikes from the ground in the Islamic State’s Iraq capital of Mosul. As hard as it was for me to watch Mosul crumble to ISIS after myself and my brothers put so much blood and sweat into cleaning the jihadi filth from that city, I watch these airstrikes with much less emotion. It amazes me that the civilians will use this opportunity to play the victim card that the U.S. is bombing them while they just sit back at their shops selling useless material goods while they allow terrorists to extort them on a daily basis. This city is filled with military-aged males that have either joined ISIS or aren’t doing a damn thing about them. When Mosul is eventually retaken (and it will be) these same civilians will then play the victim card that they had it so hard under the reign of ISIS, and will question why we didn’t do more.


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