Two Teenagers Defeat A Dozen Soldiers With Only Hand Grenades

first published on August 4, 2017 by

Two Syrian teenagers manage to force a dozen Syrian soldiers into a full retreat with nothing more than a couple of hand grenades.

This video is a great example as to why a conscripted military force is incapable of winning any conflict in a decisive manner. What appears to be two Syrian teenagers manage to force an entire squad of Syrian troops into a full retreat with nothing more than hand grenades. From the video, it appears as if the two kids don’t even have rifles to defend themselves because as the Syrian troops start to retreat, not a single shot is fired at them while they are in the open.

Any actual military force in the world would have stood their ground after the first two grenades, and returned fire while flanking around the side of the kids and killing them to eliminate the target. In this instance, we just see a couple of teenagers scaring a bunch of well armed teenagers with hand grenades while a camera man absolutely fails at holding his camera still.


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