Two Teams, One Gunfight: Recon Ambushed In Afghanistan

first published on December 4, 2015 by

Two recon teams returning to base get ambushed by the Taliban in the Upper Sangin Valley.

From the camera-man: “This was part of our last patrol in Afghanistan and our mission was to avoid firefights if possible while we showed the new guys the area. With the IED threat and the enemy positions from our earlier engagement we decided this was the quickest and safest way back to base.”

Note: This video is muted at several points to protect the PerSec of the operators. The whining dog is the Military Working Dog attached to the unit, they did not shoot one. The helicopters seem far off because they are still firing on targets from the teams previous engagement.

In the first few moments of an ambush a couple of things always happen. It doesn’t matter who you are, how tough you are, or how many times you’ve been in the situation. The first thing you always experience is an intense feeling rush over you, that’s the adrenaline kicking in. Next, everyone does their own version of the same dance maneuver, as the first rounds cracks by.

Recon Marine

Reacting in this manner is perfectly natural, and normal. With that noted, the next few seconds after you bust-a-move are what really matter. These recon Marines prove what they’re made of in this video. No confusion, everyone knows their job, and the small unit leaders start coordinating actions. They establish PID (positive identification) on the enemy, and pick up their rate of fire to show the Taliban of Upper Sangin why they should not be messed with.

Strong work boys.


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