Taliban Fighters Bum Rush Two MRAPs On Foot And Fail

first published on April 9, 2017 by

A small group of Taliban fighters attempt to ambush a Georgian convoy of MRAPs, and they absolutely fail to do anything but get killed.

You know how this all started. Some Taliban leader was sitting in his cave one day and made the decision to attack the Georgians.

“Hey, Mahmood, lets ambush those Georgians. They aren’t as well trained as the Americans Soldiers, or the Soldiers from the UK. I bet we can run right up on their armored vehicles and take them with almost no fight!” The leader said to his subordinate terrorist buddies.

“Yeah, it’ll totally work. Let’s get the in the white 4 door cars that are definitely not on the BOLO lists and just drive right up and charge them!” Mahmood said to his commander, the excitement filling his entire body with dreams of martyrdom, “This is going to be awesome!”

Little did they know, their sneak attack was going to end horribly. While less trained, the Georgians are still 500% better than any Taliban fighter. Not to mention their equipment out paces that of the Taliban by at least 40 years of warfare and extra research.

Overall though, I give the Taliban a 9/10 for surprise, a 3/10 for execution of their attack, and a 1/10 for extraction after failure. They clearly didn’t think this crap through.