US Army Turret Gunner Gets Wounded As Multiple RPGs Hit Truck

first published on November 20, 2017 by

During offensive operations in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan on November 16, 2011, a US turret gunner is wounded as multiple RPGs impact his gun truck.

multiple rpgs

From the video submitter:

This was an offensive movement to a Taliban-controlled village. You can hear RPGs hitting the ground around the truck in the beginning of the video. I was in the turret on a .50 cal. The first RPG hit the engine, stopping the MATV and lighting the cage on fire. I could feel the heat from the turret. The second RPG hit by the commander’s side.

After that, everyone got out to the 9 o’clock position, and I stayed in to provide covering and suppressive fire. While I was charging my .50 cal, an RPG hit the right shield sending molten shrapnel into my body and face. I was knocked silly for about two seconds. I thank God I survived!

multiple rpgs

My brother helped me out of the truck, and I rolled into the river to put out the fire, and I made it to safety where my brothers put a tourniquet on me. Then, I bounded back to the casualty collection point where I met more wounded brothers. Since this day I’ve been trying to rebuild my life and my body.

According to the soldier that submitted the video, multiple awards for valor were earned that day as well as several Purple Hearts. Thankfully, no US troops lost their lives in the battle.