Turks Capture Rebels After Gun Battle In Narrow Alley

first published on February 24, 2016 by

Call me crazy, but this looks like a scripted action sequence for propaganda purposes. A single soldier (and his cameraman, lol) is running at the high-ready to show the viewer he is trained in handling a weapon. On the way, some random soldier is there standing out of a doorway just to wave him on. You’d think if he was pulling flank security (or had any kind of purpose other than adding complexity to the staged event), he would actually be facing back into the building toward the direction the rest of the troops can be seen firing later on. Eventually our lone-gunmen hero makes it all the way to a group of Turks already firing their weapons down an alley. Luckily, (and in no way stupidly fake) they left him the perfect spot next to his buddy so he can slide right in and join them for some “high-man-low-man” shooting action to further prove that these guys are a highly trained, cohesive fighting unit. Further down the path you can see bullets pointlessly impacting a wall.


Then what follows is even sillier. The PKK militants must have been so impressed by the Turkish soldiers’ wall shooting abilities that they surrender in an incredibly orderly fashion. That’s when the “interrogation” happens, and it is unlike any wartime interrogation I have seen, if the translation on reddit by /u/nickfury27 is correct.

Rather than getting quick priority information from the detainees (Where’s your base? How many of you are there? Who is the leader? Where are the weapons? etc…) and rapidly pressing on with this supposedly high tempo operation, the detainees instead talk about stuff they were obviously told to say. To paraphrase: -We were negatively impacting the residents of these homes and we are terrible for doing it. -The PKK told us the Turks would execute us if we surrendered, so we need the other Kurdish militants to understand that we are being treated nicely.

This video is indeed entertaining to watch, but the number of red flags it throws up makes it impossible to swallow as authentic. I do believe that those were captured PKK militants, but how they were captured wasn’t how this video portrays it. As previously mentioned, I feel this is a propaganda attempt to show Turkish military forces as a uniformly-equipped and well-trained fighting force, while at the same time showing the Kurdish rebels as under-equipped and without the will to fight, while victimizing the local population. Cool video though.


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