Turkish Troops And Tanks Getting Smashed By The SDF

first published on August 28, 2016 by

As Turkish troops move into Syria to combat ISIS, the entire conflict becomes slightly more confusing. Why are they clashing with the SDF?

Just for a little background on why this is confusing. The Syrian Defense Force (SDF) is a militia group made up of non-extremist Arabs, and Kurdish fighters trying to eliminate ISIS. Turkey has recently crossed the border into Syria and started to conduct ground operations against ISIS. That’s what makes this video confusing.

You would think that between the Turks, and the SDF, they would find a common enemy in ISIS and hold off on fighting each other. That apparently is not the case. It is unclear who started the aggression from this video alone, but what is clear is the Turkish M60A3-TTS getting rocked by an ATGM from the SDF.

Are we on the brink of seeing Turkey commit fully to the conflict in Syria, and starting an entirely new and deadly chapter? Or was this some sort of gross misunderstanding between the two parties involved? Time will tell, but the future is not looking good.


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