Turkish Troops Ambushed By Kurdish Sniper

first published on July 30, 2016 by

A Turkish military mine and improvised explosive detection and disposal team are sweeping a roadway for booby traps when they are ambushed, coming under relatively accurate sniper fire from PKK insurgents.

The first round barely misses a soldier. He reacts, but slowly. Almost immediately another round zips in and almost hits him. At that point he realizes the deadly situation he is in, and he runs to cover behind the door of an armored truck. The targeted soldier is mistaken on the sniper’s location, so he steps out from cover again and more rounds target him. He appears to sustain a minor wound to his leg, possibly from a bullet fragmenting off of the armor. He gets inside the vehicle knowing that he will die if he doesn’t.

The rest of the troops also scramble for their vehicles, except one. He is not looking forward to becoming the next target, but the vehicles are withdrawing from the kill zone, and he will be left behind if he doesn’t make his move. He sprints and bullets begin impacting around him, but he appears to make it to safety.


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