Turkish Soccer Fans Chant Allahu Akbar During Moment Of Silence For Paris

first published on November 19, 2015 by

Before what was supposed to be a friendly soccer game between Turkey and Greece, a moment of silence was called to honor the fallen victims of the deadly ISIS terror attacks in Paris, France. The minute of remembrance was morbidly interrupted by classless Turkish fans that booed and chanted “Allahu Akbar.”


Greece has been ground zero for the influx of over 600,000 refugees trying to escape violence in the Middle East, and most of them have reached Greece from Turkey.

Turkey has been repeatedly pointed out in their support and facilitation of ISIS in Syria and other nations. However, as the NATO nation with second largest military behind the USA, and with the keys to the Bosphorus strait into the Black Sea, Turkey can do no wrong in the eyes of Western governments for fear of driving the nation into the arms of Russia.

Contrary to claims from reporters in the stadium, some have said that the chanting was actually to show respect for the fallen victims of the attack. Regardless, to chant the Takbir or anything else during a moment of silence is absolutely disgusting, but probably not half as disgusting as sitting in a soccer stadium packed with hundreds of Turks smelling of unwashed-ass, caked with the cover scent of cigarettes and cheap cologne.


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