Turkish Security Forces Clash with Protesters… In Washington DC

first published on May 18, 2017 by

A group of Anti-Erdogan protesters was attacked by Turkish security personnel yesterday. But the incident didn’t happen in Ankara or Istanbul, it happened in Washington D.C.

A melee broke out yesterday in front of the Turkish ambassadors residence between security personnel, pro-Erdogan supporters, and a peaceful anti-Erdogan coalition protesting the Turkish President’s visit and meeting with President Trump. Numerous fights and skirmishes broke out between factions, as law enforcement attempted to end the brawl. This marks the second time an incident like this has occurred regarding a visit to the US by President Erdogan. Last October, a similar incident occurred during a speech given by the Turkish President in D.C.


Sidearms can clearly be seen on the hips of numerous well-dressed security personnel as they repeatedly beat and kick the protesters. Police desperately try to separate the two groups, using batons when necessary to force compliance. The police do appear apprehensive at times, likely due to the armed rioters and the ease at which events could have escalated. They bark orders and eventually push the security personnel back across the street.


The video rapidly spread throughout social media and numerous mainstream outlets. However, some outlets are more focused on the connection between President Erdogan and President Trump as opposed to the fact that Armed Turkish Personnel assaulted numerous US citizens IN THE USA. US-Turkey relations have suffered over the past few years, largely due to Erdogan’s consolidation of power over the second largest military in NATO.

This latest brawl on the streets of DC demonstrates the strained relations between the US and once trusted ally. ISIS, the Kurds, an encroaching Russia, and now disrespect surrounding a diplomatic visit are all at the forefront of Turko-American relations.


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