Another Turkish Hilltop Outpost, Another PKK Raid

first published on September 11, 2017 by

Another Turkish hilltop outpost, another PKK raid. In what has become an alarmingly frequent occurrence, the PKK attacks another Turkish Op while the sun sets.

A three-camera video showing a lightly equipped PKK element as it establishes several support-by-fire positions and an assault team creeps towards a small Turkish outpost. With the long shadows of sunset hitting the hillsides and the prospects for evening chow likely on the soldier’s minds, the Turks can be seen casually hanging around the multiple bunkers and foxholes on the hilltop. While they are probably just doing what most soldiers do (finding ways to combat boredom and eagerly waiting for food), their vulnerability is obvious to the PKK fighters who choose this opportune moment to commence fire.


However, despite the large number of Turks just brazenly standing in the open, the initial PKK machine gun fire appears to largely miss the now scrambling soldiers. In short order, the Turks make it to cover and the PKK support-by-fires begin suppressing the numerous fighting positions. The PKK assault element begins making its way up a long spine towards the outpost, firing a steady stream of RPG’s and automatic fire as they make a grueling uphill attack.


The video ends well before the PKK assault team overruns the hilltop and there’s little to indicate that they do. The terrain is wide open, with limited cover or concealment and the PKK team must attack and suppress uphill. They may have wisely chosen sunset as an appropriate time to strike, in case the Turkish position was too strong the fast approaching darkness would provide cover for the PKK fighters withdrawal.

The Turkish positions seems to weather this attack well, though luck and terrain probably had a helping hand. They survived the initial shock, found cover, and were very fortunate that the PKK didn’t have any weapons heavier than an RPG. They maintained their position, and the PKK fighters were almost certainly forced to pull out once darkness fell.


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