Turkish Military Outpost Overran In Broad Daylight

first published on June 4, 2017 by

A video released by Kurdish HPG Guerrillas of the PKK shows a Turkish military outpost getting overran in broad daylight.

The event reportedly took place on 21 May 2018, and at least three of the separatist militants can be seen infiltrating into position using rock outcroppings to mask their movements.

The Kurdish fighters are able to get close enough to touch the Turkish fortifications before a firefight breaks out. The cameraman pulls the pin on a grenade and lobs into the machine gun nest bunker and it explodes, killing or wounding the defending soldier.

The attacker grabs the machine gun by the barrel and pulls it out of its emplacement, so it cannot be used against him or his buddies. As the fighter peeks around the side of the bunker, he can see the legs of an injured Turkish troop and opens fire, wounding him further.

The cameraman now steps left of the fortified fighting position and a defender nearly hits him with a bullet. He ducks back behind cover, pulls another grenade, and throws it toward the defender. The explosion sends debris flying and the incoming fire ceases.

They decide they have proven their point and begin to fall back while the mission can still be considered a success. They link up at their predetermined rendezvous point as the video ends.


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