Turkish Government Raids News Agency That Exposed Them Arming ISIS

first published on September 10, 2015 by

Turkish police raided the offices of Koza İpek Media Group after the Bugün daily newspaper ran a story and video exposing the Turkish government in directly arming ISIS in Syria. Turkey is a NATO member.


source: todayszaman.com

The video reportedly showed large amounts of explosives, bomb making materials and heavy plating for armoring vehicles and fortifications. The transfer of the materials to ISIS occurred at Turkey’s Akçakale border gate under direct supervision of Turkish customs officials. According to the report, these transfers happen daily.



A similar weapons shipment from Turkey’s Intelligence Organization (MiT) was intercepted by Turkish military police back in 2014, and the prosecutors on the case were charged as terrorists for treason.


Vice journalists held by Turkish government: Philip Pendlebury (left) and Jake Hanrahan (right) Source: Vice News

Turkey has been cracking down on journalists critical of President Erdoğan’s obvious support for ISIS or anyone they feel is a threat. Recently the Turkish government arrested two British Vice News journalists who are now being held in a high security prison on terror charges.

Turkey may not only be supplying weapons to ISIS in Syria, but Libya as well. A cargo ship carrying a large amount of weapons believed to be intended for Libya’s ISIS branch was intercepted by a Greek Coast Guard special unit raid off the island of Crete. The ship was en route to Misrata and had just left Turkey. ~Will


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