Turkish Troops In Extremely Close Combat With Entrenched Militants

first published on May 4, 2018 by

A recent video shows Turkish troops in extremely close combat with well-entrenched HPG fighters of the PKK.

The footage, most likely recorded from an aerial observation drone, reportedly documents a recent operation near Bingol, Turkey.

The Turkish troops approach a cave occupied by an unknown number of HPG fighters. The opponents trade fire and it appears as if the Turkish soldiers place ballistic shields over the opening to intercept deadly bullets and shrapnel.

Suddenly, the troops scatter, and seconds later an explosion rocks the scene. One of the Turkish troops appears to be still within the blast radius as it detonates, but he isn’t killed. His injuries, if any, can’t be deciphered from the footage.

The troops then withdraw to a arguably safer distance and begin expending rifle ammunition toward the cave entrance.

The suspected HPG (People‚Äôs Defence Force) is the militant arm of the separatist PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) operating in southern Turkey, or as they see it: northern Kurdistan.


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