Turkish Drone Tracks YPG Technical To Hideout And Strikes It

first published on February 13, 2018 by

A video posted by a Turkish state media network shows drone footage observing YPG fighters operating a weaponized technical before returning to their hideout, which is struck by a precision munition.

The footage, originally posted by Anadolu Agency, a Turkish government news network, shows three YPG fighters aiming and firing a recoilless rifle mounted on a light technical vehicle.

The guerrilla fighters fire a single round before quickly relocating to a new firing position and repeating the process. They do this to minimize their signature so as not to be pinpointed by enemy forces, but what they do not realize is that they are already being monitored by a Turkish observation drone.

After expending their rounds and completing their mission, the YPG team returns the vehicle to a covered garage. Out front of the garage is a pile of burning tires and debris. The YPG intentionally set this fire in hopes that the thick, black smoke will screen their hideout from aerial observation and attack aircraft, but it’s not enough.


The video ends as the covered garage is struck by a Turkish precision munition. Due to the editing, one cannot be sure how much later the strike came, or what exactly was under the dwelling when it was struck, but it’s likely that the technical was destroyed and also possible that nearby YPG fighters were killed or wounded as well.

While the Turkish government posted this video to show their success in taking on the YPG in and around Afrin, the reality on the ground is that their “Olive Branch” operation bogged down almost as soon as it started.

The Turks have relied heavily on al Qaeda-alligned jihadist proxy forces who are one and the same as the incompetent spray and pray, Takbir-chanting degenerates that have populated rebel combat footage videos for years. These fighters, as well as Turkish troops, are having trouble manipulating the mud and complex terrain against a well-entrenched enemy that is proficient in asymmetrical military tactics.